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Transmission spectrum through a single Si photonic crystal slab for normally incident light (square lattice of air holes).

The crystal structure consists of a square lattice of air holes of radius 0.4a, where a is the lattice constant, introduced into a dielectric slab. The slab has a dielectric constant of 12 and a thickness of 0.55a.

Simulator(s) Used

(or simply S4) stands for Stanford Stratified Structure Solver, a frequency domain code to solve the linear Maxwell’s equations in layered periodic structures. Internally, it uses Rigorous Coupled Wave Analysis (RCWA; also called the Fourier Modal Method (FMM)) and the S-matrix algorithm. The program is implemented using a Lua frontend, or alternatively, as a Python extension. S4 was developed by Victor Liu of the Fan Group in the Stanford Electrical Engineering Department.

For more details see S4.

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