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Extracting the S parameters of a 4 port coupled Si ring resonator-waveguide system (2)

Lumerical simulation of ring resonator that has a radius of 3.1 units, waveguides that have a width of 0.4 units, & resonator-waveguide gap that is 0.1 units wide. Refractive index is 3.5. The S-matrix coefficients (S11, S21, S31, S41) are extracted.

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Simulator(s) Used

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Lumerical FDTD Solutions is a high performance 3D FDTD-method Maxwell solver for the design, analysis and optimization of nanophotonic devices, processes and materials.  Well suited for analyzing the interaction of UV, visible, and IR radiation with complicated structures employing wavelength scale features.

For more details see Lumerical FDTD Solutions.

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